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DP Progressive Program

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DP Progressive Program

We have researched different curriculums that have been tried and tested and proven successful. We wanted to introduce a curriculum to DP that was progressive and trackable with clear goals for children and parents to follow. We are very excited to be introducing our new ‘DP ProgressiveProgramme’.
The DP Progressive program is a complete curriculum system created specifically for recreational gymnasts from 6yrs and up with six different skill levels. The heart of the system is a well-designed, progressive teaching curriculum that breaks gymnastics skills down into achievable steps. This provides the recreational student with sound basics and frequent success by providing short term and long range goals.

The system is designed to enable children to progress on all pieces of apparatus not just on floor. Gymnastics is not just a floor based sport and children need to progress on all apparatus.
Research has shown that frequent success is what keeps youngsters motivated to learn.

Each child will take home their trackable skill sheet for their level which they keep at home. Every 4 weeks we have star week where they are awarded stars for skills on their sheet. When they have completed all the trackable skills on their sheet they have successfully passed the level and they will bring their skill list to the gym and will be awarded their level certificate. In class gymnasts will work on these trackable skills from introduction to achievement and then awarded when they can complete the skill 3 times with good execution and technique.

For the higher levels the trackable skills are quite challenging and these levels may take a longer period to complete, however our system allows you as a parent a visual to see where your child is at and how they are progressing on a regular basis. It’s important to remember that all children will progress at their pace and should not be compared to their peers. Personal best is what we aim to achieve and in our DP Progressive program everyone has the opportunity to discover their personal best.

Class Details

Our DP progressive recreational program is for boys and girls aged 6-12yrs old. At Dp we want all our gymnasts to discover their personal best. With this in mind our program has been designed to allow every child to progress and achieve frequent success. Classes are 1hr long and are divided up by gender and level. The program is suitable for complete beginners or those that have gymnastics experience. Every child receives their own personal assessment with one of our coaches when first joining DP to make sure they are placed in the level most suited to their age and ability. SO if your looking for a safe, fun, and progressive program for your 6-12yr old then DP is for you! Whether its for fun and fitness or stepping into a competitive program we hope to see you soon.