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Adult Classes

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Covid Update: Currently this program is not running due to the limitations on our classes with Covid-19.

Adult Classes

This class is open to both men and women aged 18+. We cater for all levels from beginners to advanced. Adult gymnastics is designed to develop core strength using gymnastics skills in a structured safe manner under the guidance of our expert team of coaches. Adults work to their own abilities using the various gymnastics apparatus with an emphasis on strength, conditioning, flexibility, and body awareness.
It’s our goal to give all our adults the most rounded experience of gymnastics and develop their own gymnastics potential which can be a great advantage for participation in other sports or simply as an exciting fitness tool.

Class Details

Incase you didn’t know gymnastics is one of the hardest sports in the world pound for pound making gymnasts one of the most conditioned athletes. At adult gym we like to use the same principles of conditioning to help adults improve strength, flexibility, mobility and core strength. We also like to have a little fun along to way and try our hand at some gymnastics skills as well.